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Treatment of  Pain:
Long term Pain on any part of the body can be treated with six to eight sessions of Foot Reflexology

Treatment for Fibromyalgia :
Fibromyalgia is a chronic syndrome that causes bodily pain and mental distress. Lotusfeet Reflexology heals symptoms of distress and Pain in the fibromyalgia through the Holistic approach and Reflexology in Motion and TOP. It's a long-term treatment plan worked out according to the patient's health conditions

Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases :
Autoimmune disorder occurs when the body's immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissue by mistake. Analysing the symptoms and conditions of the patient and working out a feasible and flexible treatment plan with the Holistic reflexology approach.

Treatment for Neurological Issues :
Neurological issues like Stroke. Paralysis. Bells Palsy(facial paralysis). Parkinson's disease. Diabetic Nephropathy etc.. can be treated with long-term and systematic Foot Reflexology sessions .

Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology :
Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology is done for patients with Lymphoedema on hands caused by Mastectomy/lumpectomy ( removal of breast tissues) Post surgical lymphodema Or for various types of edemas on different areas on the body.

Treatment for Neck, Shoulder and Arms:
Foot reflexology for Neck stiffness Neck Pain, Frozen shoulder, Shoulder instability. Shoulder impingement, Brusitis, Tennis Elbow, Carpel Tunnel Shoulder.

Treatment for Migraine:
Holistic Foot Reflexology for Migraine and Stress headaches.

Reflexology for Stress, Trauma and Anxiety and Insomnia :
Specialized sessions for psychological issues and various sleep disorders through Holistic Reflexology.

Reflexology for Post Cancer Rejuvenation :
Specialized foot reflexology sessions to overcome fatigue and pain in post Cancer patients. Heals trauma and rejuvenates patients to bounce back to life.

Treatment for Post Covid Recovery :
Covid leaves longer and deeper impacts on health, like loss of smell and taste. Breathing Issues. Body pain . Brain fog. Fatigue and sleep issues. Regular foot reflexology sessions helps to improve your health quickly.

Reflexology for Pregnancy and Childbirth :
Pregnancy and Childbirth are the most beautiful phase in a woman's life. But, it is equally difficult with various health disturbances and issues from morning sickness to labour pain. Regular foot reflexology sessions helps you to cope with the body changes and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle throughout the process.

Foot Reflexology for Any age group :
Right from infants to old people can have reflexology. Children usually love reflexology and it eases them from the growth pain and tantrums.

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